This Could Be The Last Time (I Don’t Know)

I kept reading about how certain bands (The Who and Rush in particular) might be finished playing live for awhile after their anniversary tours are over. My concert going funds are limited so this news added stress to a structure that wasn’t build up to code to begin with, so I have to come up with a plan. The Who do not play in my area (Cincinnati) for obvious reasons so I have to factor in travel expenses and Rush will likely play closer to home. I’ve seen The Who more recently on their Quadrophenia whole album experience and missed Rush on the Clockwork Angels tour. Rush has been rumored to be finished playing live since the first time I saw them over 20 years ago so it’s the boy who cried wolf situation. Neil Peart does have a young family however so as a man in a similar situation I could understand why he would want to stay off the road for awhile. The Who likely won’t tour again soon since they’ve gone out on two major tours in the past few years so I’m leaning toward them. I get nostalgic for the days when I could pick up and go to any show I wanted (within reason, I’ll never be able to afford The Stones!) and have to pick one or two a year. Brian Wilson is also on tour but that would mean a road trip to Nashville which is even more of a logistical problem and he can’t keep going forever either. My wife asked if I wanted to go to the Beach Boys/Temptations show that is playing nearby and I had to explain why without Brian Wilson there’s no reason to go (in my opinion). I explained it would be like going to see Destiny’s Child without Beyonce (most recent pop reference I could come up with on the fly). I also have to factor shows I’d never expected to see, The Replacements are touring this year for crying out loud. The whole last tour moniker seems to be just another marketing tool since retired acts keep coming back (Kiss, Garth, Kiss, Shania, Kiss)but age and health are always factors just ask AC/DC when they had to give retirement from live performance serious thought. But since there’s no feasible way for me to come up with extra cash/time/babysitting and I have to go with one, I’m thinking it’s gotta be The Who, right?


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