Bad Company Beyond 10 from 6

What a difference a good compilation makes. Bad Company always lived covertly in my house on the 10 from 6 greatest hits record which was pretty much the same tracks played on classic rock radio on a daily basis. Even after I gave up listening to classic rock radio, 10 from 6 spent a lot of time gathering dust in the CD rack. The Original Bad Co. Anthology, however has a pulse all its own with the addition of strong bonus tracks and deeper cuts the compilation proves Bad Company had a lot of songs that are worthy of serious listening time. The Anthology includes cuts such as Seagull and Silver, Blue and Gold that already jazzes up the music selection over the 10 from 6 collection that as the title suggested was a little hamstrung by including at least one track from the first 6 albums. The Anthology also contains worthy bonus tracks such as Tracking Down A Runaway and Superstar Woman that could have easily found radio play back in their heyday. Bad Company reminds me that there was a time when a quality rock outfit could be considered second rate and still produce killer tracks. It’s hard to believe now that there was such a wealth of creativity that rockers had to compete to get airplay when radio played rock 24/7 on multiple stations. Contemporary rock bands also have a problem getting airplay but its do to the desert-like conditions surrounding commercial rock radio. That’s why I feel it’s important for record companies to put together strong compilations since these releases might be the only way to get bands a fair chance to be heard. I don’t know that it’s necessary to include a cut from every album for the sake of representing every period or stage a band goes through. That makes for a good argument but does it produce a worthy album? The best argument for a good best of comp is that the quality of the disc makes the listener want to go out and get all of the artist’s albums. The Bad Company Anthology succeeded on that level and it sounds great blaring out of my car stereo.


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