Keeping In Step one Aisle at a Time

I was trudging through my local mega grocery store trying to remember my mental list of sundries when over the store’s music system came Tightrope by Stevie Ray Vaughan. It was so odd hearing such a great song from one of my favorite artists in an unlikely location and the impact not only ruined any chance of remembering the items on my grocery list it also led to breaking out my SRV CDs which haven’t got any play in a long time. It was like hearing from an old friend out of the blue and Stevie always reminds me of my youth when I branched out from 80’s pop into Chess Records artists and other blues players. Stevie was also my gateway to Hendrix and other guitar-slingers so In Step, the album Tightrope is on had quite an impact on my listening habits. The album ranges from a blistering party anthem The House Is Rocking and ends with a gorgeous instrumental Riviera Paradise. Whenever I hear that final track I remember how Stevie had got his life together both personally and professionally and he was at a creative peak. It’s debatable if he would ever surpass the perfection of In Step but I wish he was given the time to try. The music on that record taught me to appreciate the small moments where good things happen at unexpected times. Those moments range from holding my 2 year-old daughter who wants to nap in my arms to jamming along to a late great artist who gets his songs played in unlikely places. Thank you Stevie, I won’t forget what you taught me.


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