The Greatest 25 Minute Daily Concert You’ll Never See (Or Would Want To)

There’s a scene in the The Firm (the book not the movie) where the main character expresses relief about not being in a car that’s bugged so that he can finally sing in the car again without feeling self-conscious. I can relate. I’m one of those type of drivers that consider car singing moving performance art. A lot of of other drivers give me plenty of leeway. I put on quite a show, there’s vocals, air drumming and sometimes a little head bashing. It is miraculous that I haven’t been in a crash yet and I sometimes contemplate what song I would want to be rocking out to when my face meets the airbag. (Not Life Is A Highway, anything but that, please). I, of course, can’t carry a tune or keep rhythm but I do have a high level of dedication to my craft and the show times are usually a maximum of 25 minutes which is my commute time. It’s not quite LP length so I have to make each note count even if it’s horribly out of tune. I also tend to go for singers that are way out of my range, which is just about everyone but some are truly unreachable. Steve Perry, no chance, Freddie Mercury, impossible, Brian Wilson, I’d severely hurt myself, Brian Johnson, hurts even worse. Yet, I go for it like I was auditioning for the latest national singing competition on television and thumb my nose at the imaginary judges telling me not to quit my day job.

That’s a lot of drama and energy being used for a 25 minute commute so I’m pretty spent by the time I get home (oh and do a little work at the job too, can’t forget that). I like to stride into my home with my awaiting family with Elvis’ intro music in my head (See See Rider ) and await praise for my incredible set, all while driving the busiest interstate in the U.S. (or so I’m told). But instead I get instructions for cooking dinner, change a diaper and work on cereal for the kids’ breakfast. It’s a quick come down from the car concert perfection but I guess all artists can relate. So until car performance get its much deserved place in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (or at least a couple of bonus points on my gas card) I’ll keep rocking the interstate and contribute to the arts in my own special way. I’ll also keep my seat belt on at all times so just in case I get lost in the moment I won’t get lost in my dashboard. Safety first!       


3 thoughts on “The Greatest 25 Minute Daily Concert You’ll Never See (Or Would Want To)

  1. The firm was the first time I said “Wow, the book was way better” – it’s not that the film was poorly cast, they just changed the whole ending and I remember that didn’t sit well with me.

    And I forgot they cut out the singing in the car bit too – glad to hear you don’t hold back in the car performance!

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