Listening Test 2 (Electric Boogaloo)

Another batch of new music, this time courtesy of a list from Songza. Wye Oak, Glory: very polished production kind of like Stevie Nicks fronting a band that likes to use a dance beat. George Ezra, Coat of Armour: His voice gets your attention right away, very compelling reminds a little of Willy DeVille. Cathedrals, Harlem: Great vocal blend, would like to hear more and its really hard to find them on websites due to a lot of bands and songs using Cathedral. Elephant, Skyscraper: very retro sound opening the song and they even add what sounds like the Jordanaires backing them up, kind of like She & Him. The Pains of Being Pure of Heart, Until The Sun Explodes: very much in the Cure or Smashing Pumpkins realm. Jagwar Ma, Uncertainty: Nice beat, like the vocal like to hear if they (or is it he?) branch out a little more or if he sticks to a particular beat. Tom The Lion, Sleep: Could be Thom the Yorke’s cousin, interesting sound though.

As usual in my pursuit of new music I find oldies that are new to me and I have to mention a couple of them. Cat Mother and the All Night Newsboys, A band putting new twists on oldies in 1969 and produced by Jimi Hendrix? Why am I just now hearing of this? Asylum Choir, Leon Russell and Marc Benno with the greatest band name ever and it sounds like crazy folk music blended with everything. I’ve only listened to their album once but it sounds like they had grand aspirations to try to put Sgt. Pepper to shame. There are three other acts Autosalvage, The Good Rats and The Insect Trust I haven’t got to yet but this proves that something in my DNA gets me more excited bout discovering gems from the past instead of embracing new acts. The level of excitement just isn’t the same which goes back to my original premise that I may be part of the problem new artists are having breaking through to an audience instead of part of the solution. Plus I don’t do 3-day music festivals. I will give this listening tests one more try at least to complete the experiment but the results seem pretty conclusive. I’m a rock-and-roll relic and (mostly) proud of it.           


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