The Power (Station) and the Glory

download power station

It never fails, I make a commitment to go on a new music diet and cleanse some of the fatty classic rock buildup that has clotted up my system over many years and then I find a bunch of old music on the cheap and the rock and roll pounds go right back on. This time it was an unlikely candidate known as The Power Station that is still in my CD player and all 8 of its (mostly) glorious tracks. Some Like It Hot is the marquee song but the other tunes are surprisingly strong and my favorite is Murderess. There’s a strong pop sensibility in the music but it also blends everything from new wave to r&b with some classic guitar riffs for added energy. It’s a compelling record that holds up and sticks with me for awhile after I’ve played it. Now I have the urge to listen to Robert Palmer’s solo work and seek out Arcadia’s So Red The Rose if I can find it. Hey, if you’re going to ruin your diet you might as well go all out! The Power Station album had the same effect on me in 1985, I clearly remember buying Palmer’s Riptide album after succumbing to Power Station’s half hour of (mostly) bliss. So either I’m cyclical and have just got caught in the riptide of 80’s nostalgia or I’ve reverted back to my 15 year-old self. If it’s the latter then I need to dig out my old cassettes and just binge on old favorites and get it out of my system. Kind of like purifying myself a la Purple Rain in the waters of Lake Minnetonka. That didn’t work out so well for Apollonia but I will be optimistic and try to purge the nostalgia so I can hear new music with less biased ears. Then again, every time I read other music blogs or go CD shopping I get psyched up to listen to some stuff I haven’t heard or listened to in a long time. You guys are enabling my binging but everyone’s passion and unique voice for the music they love is inspiring and I don’t mind putting on a few extra layers if that means I can soak up all this wonderful stuff!   


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