Just Another 80’s Teenager in Dire Straits

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Brothers in Arms appealed to me as a music buyer back in 1985 (not quite old enough to drive) because of the DDD on the back of the disc, even now I really had no idea what it meant. Plus there was that really cool video constantly going on MTV and a truly awesome opening guitar riff. At the time Money For Nothing was the only song I really liked due to the afforementioned reasons, the rest of the album was beyong my life experience, I couldn’t relate. It’s like when teachers made me read The Great Gatsby in Junior High/High School when I couldn’t possibly relate to the title character’s longing for what he felt was lost and the self-destructive path he was on. Brothers In Arms was a mature record from a band who had been around and understood that life doesn’t always turn out the way you planned it. I guess its good to be exposed to more mature ideas when your still in a relatively safe (at least at my high school, times sadly have changed) environment. But a mature perspective only comes from experience and this album and others have so much more depth than I realized back in my carefree days of the Mid 80’s. Most of the songs on Brothers are deliberately paced and for a young listener its unlikely most of the tracks would connect except for Money and Walk of Life. But like I said, times have changed and maybe these tracks resonate to young people who have witnessed a lot more horror than I ever had to as a young man. I think the  1986 Challenger disaster was one of the most shocking events I can recall during my formative years, if that puts things in perspective. Either way, Dire Straits put out several strong records and I have been revisiting them lately and think Mark Knopfler and company deserved to finally get the recognition from Brothers In Arms even though they were unlikely video stars and never really fit into the decade where they reached their greatest popularity. Plus, I hope the band decides to do a reunion tour at some point, I really want to hear that opening riff from Money For Nothing, it would sound amazing, even better than DDD.    


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