We Salute You

images ACDC

I was surprised by the news that AC/DC may retire due to the health of one of their members. Apparently they had a pact that if one is done with the band then its time for all to call it quits, no substitutions. I admire the band for sticking with each other through thick and thin and holding to the bond they created. Brian Johnson revealed in an interview on That Metal Show that the band travels together and they all hang out with each other and that a lot of classic bands don’t do that anymore. These guys were the real deal, what you saw and heard is what you got. When I explain why I like AC/DC a lot of people say that all their songs are the same and I agree with them in a way. They are like the hamburger joint that just does one thing but they do it better than anybody else. When Black Ice came out in 2008 it was such a welcome sound, I felt like I was reunited with an old friend and the record was a strong statement that hinted that more music could follow and be just as good as their past glories. Every time I think of AC/DC I am reminded of grade school and the 70’s when there was a lot of backlash against them and other hard rock groups. Playground gossip of the time reflected how young and naive we were and that are parents were trying very hard to keep us away from these kind of bands. AC/DC was supposed to stand for After Christ Damien Comes or some other kind of nonsense. We were all told that this was devil music and could come to no good. Backmasking was a hot topic at the time too, and all the rock bands supposedly had nothing but hidden satanic messages.  I was young enough to believe that stuff and it wasn’t until much later I even began exploring all the music I couldn’t live without today. AC/DC has always been one of my favorites, they are the purest, loudest rock band I ever heard and I wanted to thank them for many years of great music and good times. I am thankful they kept going after the loss of Bon Scott and that they never shied from what they did best and that was to rock the world. Trends came and went but the Thunder from From Down Under always delivered. I wish the Young brothers and the rest of the band well. Thank you.    


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