A “Jamb” Session About The Doors

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I just read in Rolling Stone how Matthew McConaughey’s famous “All Right” quote was inspired by the stage banter of Doors frontman Jim Morrison. Now that McConaughey is an Oscar winner I guess I can accept any possible connection from Mr. Mojo Risin to David Wooderson from Dazed And Confused. It so happened I was writing a post on The Doors, specifically Morrison Hotel when I read the article so naturally I had to add this odd bit of trivia. I can see how Morrison’s antics would inspire stoner behavior since his on and off-stage behavior was legendary even by rock and roll standards. He made headlines and got into a serious legal battle that may have been the main reason Morrison left the U.S. looking for more peaceful surroundings. The Doors were always the Light My Fire band for my listening purposes I didn’t give them much time on my CD player. I orignally thought a lot of their music was overblown designed more to appear epic than actually have the weight of something substantial. The Oliver Stone movie The Doors didn’t help the situation since the only song that got my attention was Heroin by The Velvet Underground. Instead of increasing my interest in the band the movie was based on I went out and bought the first four VU albums! It wasn’t until I listened to Morrison Hotel all the way through that I finally started to understand how they were more than just a bar band with delusions of grandeur. Roadhouse Blues is probably the best known track and a terrific opener for any rock album. The whole album feels pretty straight forward by Doors’ standards losing some of the overproduced touches I felt some of their better known songs were drenched in. Nothing feels wasted and the second half of the album (Tracks 7-11, The Morrison Hotel half) are as strong as the hard charging (Hard Rock Cafe) opening tracks. A lot of those songs such as The Spy and Queen of The Highway are as strong as many of the songs the band is known for. As usual, once I get past the familar songs heard on the greatest hits compilations and Classic Rock playlists I find a lot more depth and substance by listening to an album in its entirety and discover quality work. In this case I discovered The Doors to be more than a debut album wonder and far more than just a one trick pony of bluesy rhythms and drunken poetry. I guess it’s appropriate that learning to love The Doors has been an up and down experience since the band’s career had that kind of rocky path and that it takes a little dedication to appreciate their style and influence. I haven’t got used to saying Oscar Winning actor Matthew McConaughey yet either!    


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