And The Winner (K)is(s)?

Kiss won’t perform at their Hall of Fame induction. The announcement did not cause quite the stir it might have if it wasn’t just another part of the Rock Hall lore of bands with long track records and little tolerance for each other creating awkward inductions and performances. Kiss’ turmoil will keep the evening lively but the potential drama pales in comparison to some of the serious omissions from previous ceremonies. Paul McCartney did not even attend The Beatles induction in 1988. The greatest pop song writer of all time was in a dispute with band mates and chose not to stand with George in Ringo when they received their honor. The acceptance speech was somber even with George saving the evening by proclaiming their love for both John and Paul. Fast forward to 2007, Van Halen was inducted without anybody named Van Halen in attendance. Sammy & Michael (both currently not in the band) accepted. More recently Guns N’ Roses accepted their award minus Axl Rose who is the only member still going out under that moniker. It hasn’t all been disaster, Black Sabbath had all four original members accept their award in 2006, and even the Eagles and Talking Heads managed to get together for a short amount of time to be honored. The debate in some cases is who should get honored? Is it the band that made their mark since most bands early work is their most influential or is it the group as a whole that includes members who had nothing to do with past glory but keeps the acts legacies alive. Do the fans choose, the hall of fame voters, or the band? Of course the other part of the debate is what I call the Van Halen problem, where some people prefer the Sammy version to David Lee Roth’s. If Eddie and Alex changed the name after DLR left and say went back to being called Mammoth for some reason would the Sammy led band be inducted as well? I personally like to see the originals honored but that also gets complicated for some bands like AC/DC who have had Brian Johnson lead them for a lot longer than Bon Scott. Then there are the wild cards like Syd Barrett and Brian Jones, founding members of their bands that exited and left a mark on the remaing members and arguably a scar as well. The latest Kiss controversy probably won’t be as heavily debated but I’m sure the Kiss Army is paying close attention. A lot of people voted for the original band and that’s what they expected to see one last time. Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley probably don’t want to play with Ace and Peter since they have been playing with two other guys for awhile now and most likely sound better with them than if they played as the original lineup and do they really want to hear Peter Criss perform Beth when they go in? Doubtful. All of this is speculation to the potential drama for this year’s induction, Courtney Love can’t have all of the controversy when Nirvana is honored. I just can’t wait for Deep Purple to get inducted someday and its 14 listed band members (Joe Satriani, really?) and seemingly endless combinations. I hope the Hall of Fame committee members book a big room for the ceremony that evening.         


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