Every Road Leads to More Roads

Music for the road, highways and byways, the lonely traveler. The joy of having a companion without having to pay attention to them and their constant yammering. I think what drove me to loving music when I was younger began when I commuted for my first real job which was about 35-40 minutes in travel time,, perfect for your average pre-80’s album. So I loaded up on every used cassette I could find and jammed to work and back which was usually much more fun than the actual job. Now my commute is shorter but the idea is still the same to listen to something that will get me going in the morning or mellow me out on the rare days I have to deal with traffic. I go to work at 3 a.m. so there are certain rules that have to be held to because it’s too early for a lot of stuff I would normally enjoy. Ray LaMontagne is an incredible artist and I love all of his albums but I can’t handle that much mellowness at that hour without driving my car off the side of the road. Delta Machine by Depeche Mode is a recent favorite but has a song on it called Slow on it which lives up to its name and would cause instant drowsiness even from the first few notes. Since I am album-oriented that disc (it’s all cds as of this writing) gets put in the mellow out section. I’m not a huge Daft Punk fan, but I will say their albums make for some pretty good adrenaline jolts on mornings I’ve got little to no sleep and have to drive to work. Conversely, I can’t listen to them when I’m in heavy traffic or driving in normal conditions with other people on the road when I’m already on the verge of rage. No Motorhead or anything even remotely aggressive that would just add fuel to the fire. Since I hang out in the slow lane than Slow and other low key tunes of similar ilk work just fine. This unscientific method totally works and is a better substitute for coffee or anti-depressants or what have you. But with great power comes great responsibility so I have to warn that driving under the influence of a sing-a-long song is potentially dangerous. I never want to have to explain to an officer or upset driver that I ran into their Buick because I was passionately singing ob la di ob la da. It happens all the time, the singing not the crashing.


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