The Lemon Song Is Not About Wood Polish (Or Is It?)

Led Zeppelin II changed my life, or at least the first few notes did. The first time I heard it was by mistake, the weather beaten cassette my friend gave me had Rush on it which was the band I was expecting. He was trying to convert my ears to the unique song stylings of Geddy Lee. Instead I loaded up Whole Lotta Love and got hit with a whole lot of music that tapped into my bloodstream and I’ve been hooked ever since. Up until that moment I was your basic teen who knew very little about rock beyond MTV videos and the limited playlists of small town radio. Those first few notes caused major problems for me since it exposed my naievete about not just music but the real world. There were so many other things to explore that never occurred to me before, where had I been and what was I doing with all of my time? Journey, Huey Lewis, REO Speedwagon etc. weren’t going to cut it anymore (I still like those bands). I needed knowledge and Jimmy Page was my first instructor. I have heard a lot of music that has made an impact on my life but I have to admit nothing has ever hit me as hard as that initial moment, where the fog lifted and I saw how much there was to explore and I’m always finding more music than I will ever get to hear in this lifetime. I have given up trying so hard to find something that affects me as much as that song did mostly due to the fact I am raising three kids and their discoveries are far more exciting to experience than mine. I hope rock music will still have a place in the world other than just nostaliga when my kids come of age but I feel like that is less likely to happen with every passing year. Part of me wants to be the one that introduces them to something that will change their lives like this music did for me and part of me wants them to discover something amazing all on their own. Either way they could do a lot worse than have Jimmy Page as their first tutor.


2 thoughts on “The Lemon Song Is Not About Wood Polish (Or Is It?)

    • I saw the White Stripes in concert, couldn’t believe how much they could do with just two musicians, incredible. Have you listened to Ray LaMontagne? Really like his albums a lot and he was equally great live.

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