Bundle Up!

When I become interested in a musician or band I have this habit of buying their entire catalog. I have become quite a fan of those box sets that bundle 4 or 5 albums from the same artists such as the Original Album Series or whatever name they get branded with. They sleeve the discs in replicas of the original albums which include song title and other info at microscopic size but at least they stay true to the look the artists intended. They’re great deals, mostly around the twenty dollar range, if you just want the music and you are oriented to listening to entire albums like I am then these are good economic investments in these troubling downloaded times. It’s a cheap way to fill in some of the void in my collection. There are artists I like but have yet to buy an album beyond a greatest hits compilation such as Little Feat or albums that are hard to find and possibly out of print like in the Dream Theater collection. I have several bundles on my wish list such as Thin Lizzy, Montrose and possibly even The Doobie Brothers, which has both a Volume I and II for the truly obsessed. There’s even several Lou Reed bundles available, and he’s an artist I would think it would be quite difficult to package. I don’t know if these bundles have improved album sales or reignited any interest in these artists but it would be nice to see something other than their obituaries create a buzz about their musical contributions. As far as I’m concerned, these boxes are treasure troves and I plan to purchase as many as I can even if I have to invest in some bifocals and a good magnifying glass just to see who the back up vocalist was for a track on The Captain and Me. 


2 thoughts on “Bundle Up!

    • I wanted the Beatles set but I have the albums so I’ve decided to put my limited budget toward other sets. I have the Joni Mitchell set on my wish list and the next one I’m buying is Chicago, the first 4 studio albums with Terry Kath on them which is twenty bucks and two of those albums are doubles. This is the best idea to come along in a while.

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