A Fantastic Journey

If music is a drug, then Journey was my gateway into rock and roll. I was not interested in music as a child, it could be my parents choice of K-Tel 8 tracks and Barry Manilow or I just had other things on my mind back then. Out of the first ten cds I purchased it is safe to say seven of them were Journey albums. I tend to plunge in all the way when I find something I enjoy (still do) so I even purchased some of the pre-Steve Perry stuff which sounds absolutely nothing like the guys that brought you Don’t Stop Believin. I bought a Journey poster when I visited their hometown of San Francisco and my parents had it framed for me (yes I still have it!) I never saw the band with Steve Perry but with Steve Augeri once and a singer who stepped in for an ailing Augeri during their tour with Def Leppard whose name I forget. I haven’t seen the current lineup with Arnel Pineda but apparently there are plenty of guys out there who can sing like Steve Perry! I enjoyed seeing the band both times since they played a lot of deeper cuts (including some instrumentals) and my favorite Journey song Stone In Love. If Steve Perry and company ever get back together I would go see them but I don’t think that will happen especially after seeing the documentary about the band and Arnel Pineda. He has a Hallmark Channel’s dream backstory, discovered on YouTube asked to audition for one of the real bands he covered and he not only nailed the audition but he was warmly accepted by Journey fans and even drew in some new ones. The album sales will never be there like they were in the band’s heyday (but whose sales are anymore) but they’ll still draw the crowds in at the concerts. In fact Journey are drawing far larger crowds than when I saw them when they were part of a music festival where they weren’t even the featured act. Yes, they are basically an oldies band but even Paul McCartney rarely plays any new stuff in his shows because he knows what people are expecting to hear. Journey has the same issue, just play the hits which they can do just as well as they could back when they were the biggest band in the world. So my Journey poster stll hangs in my house just as it always has but now it is with a little bit more pride and less irony.


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