Funny How Love Is Sabotaging My Generation (And Other Mash Ups)

I have a set list already lined up for my cover band that will never exist. I have zero musical ability and cannot carry a tune so at best I’m playing tambourine and pretending to sing. Plus I’m in my forties and I’m currently raising three kids, two of which are under four years of age so developing the necessary skill set is not likely to happen. But if it somehow ever did I would have a killer set list that your average bar crowd could ignore and go about tweeting each other across the room or chat idly about what posted on YouTube that week. I have a few choice cuts from AC/DC, Hendrix, Chis Isaak, Some odd one song wonders but I really want to get to the finale which is the only portion a modern audience might pay heed to: A Mash up starting with The Beastie Boys’ Sabotage which near the end morphs into the Who’s My Generation and one another tangent before coming back to Sabotage. There’s a song toward the end of Queen II I think would be the icing on the sonic cake called Funny How Love Is that would bring down the house (at least in my imagination). Sure all I’m asking is for someone to be able to sing like  Ad-Rock, Roger Daltrey and Freddie Mercury with a band that can handle all three tunes that fly around like children in a moon bounce but if I’m going to have a silly dream it might as well be an ambitious one. It would be cool to workshop this idea in a studio like the guy in I Love You, Man was able to do and play his Rush songs. But I personally don’t have the space (or time, money, talent pool, etc.) In my head it’s the greatest cover song ever conceived so maybe its best it stays right where it is since most likely it would never sound as good in real life. Plus, I don’t look good playing the tambourine either!  


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