Manual Tuning (Not Auto)

My wife is about a dozen years younger than I am. I’m not mentioning this fact to brag that I scored with a younger woman (maybe a little) but that there is a solid decade gap in life experience and musical taste. I grew up on MTV and Saturday morning cartoons and she has no memory of VJs or weekend toon time. I have the typical guy collection for hard rock/classic rock enthusiasts Zeppelin/The Who/Sabbath etc. and she listens to modern country/top 40 and she knows every Disney song ever made. So listening to music in the car together was uh, challenging to say the least. I made mix CDs and played her songs I liked every chance I got and she listened to her That’s What I Call Music collection and went about her day. Then a breakthrough occured, she asked me about a early Genesis song I snuck in on one of her mix discs. I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe) drew her attention and from that starting point I have been able to introduce her to a whole world of music she had little or no experience with before. It’s thrilling for me because I love turning people on to rock music but it’s especially satisfying when I get my wife to appreciate music that was already aged before she was even born. She has not pushed too much of her taste on me yet and I attribute that to the fact that there is a lot of stuff for her to catch up on, it took me quite awhile and it is a process that is never ending as far as I’m concerned. The best part is having common ground now and car rides are bearable again and we don’t have to ride either in silence or with talk radio. We have three kids now, so most of the time we can’t hear anything in the car anyway, but that’s okay my kids are the next ones to get an education in all things rock-n-roll. So far, it’s not going well. My son usually covers his ears and says he doesn’t like my music and the other two kids don’t respond to anything about what they are hearing at all. Some day they’ll ask me to play a Beatles song, but until that day I’ll still keep playing “new” music for my wife and watch her discover all the great things it has to offer.  


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