Teach Your Children Well (Slight Return)

I have three kids in my house so the days of kicking back and listening to albums over headsets is temporarily (like by a few years) on hold. It’s a simple pleasure and I miss the distraction free listening time I took for granted my first 39 years. Now I sneak in listening time with albums posted on Youtube when I can which is better than nothing (and great for hearing albums that are out of print). I’ve tried to expose my brood to my musical taste whenever we are in the car but so far I might as well being playing them telephone dial tones. My son Cory always says everything is too loud and my other two kids just tune out everything and look out the window for the nearest McDonald’s. This shouldn’t surprise me since I always hated my parents stuff too. (Air Supply, Manilow. Anything put out by K-Tel) I justify my good taste as being the difference that should pique my children’s interest but anything that didn’t appear in a Disney movie or from a big purple dinosaur doesn’t make an impact. So gradually I gave up the mini-quest and concentrated on fantasy football instead. Then the strangest thing happened, my wife bought a pair of headphones and the next thing you know my kids are fighting each other to listen to music (even if it’s from my collection) as long as they can wear the headphones. So the delivery system had more impact than the content and their attention spans won’t allow for too much time for me to influence them with my favorite music. But I am thankful to have their focus even if it is for a short amount of time before they move on to some other flashy new item and I hope somewhere down the road they will remember the sweet sounds I introduced to them so when somebody asks why they like Jimi, Zeppelin, AC/DC etc. they can tell them they learned their appreciation of all things classic rock from their dad. Maybe if music videos make a comeback I can intoduce them to some 80’s tunes (baby steps, baby steps).      


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